Canvas and camel’s hair — artboard and airbrush — flat screen and pixels. Tim has used all these tools and more to craft his artistic visions. 
Gifted with a natural talent for drawing, Tim has been an illustrator all his life. 
An early interest in astronomy led him to embrace the specialized field of space art, where the artist’s imagination produces breathtaking yet scientifically accurate vistas removed in space and time.
The indoor universe of the planetarium became Mr. Kuzniar’s realm. Filling the dome with visions of tomorrow, he helped bring alive humanity’s fascination with the Universe as well as the wondrous scientific discoveries gleaned from our exploration of space.
Tim has also explored the realms of science fiction and fantasy adventure, participating in many art shows at SF&F conventions nationwide.  
“...The computer is, just as the airbrush was, a new tool for rendering ideas — its the final image that counts, not how it was done...” 

Working as an independent artist and illustrator from his home studio in Colorado, Tim accepts commissions and projects through his private company, Autumn Star.
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